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Downtown White Plains

FarmersMarket The White Plains Farmers Market
This is the White Plains Farmers Maret. The market runs on Wednesdays during the season in the City Hall Parking lot. Most of the vendors are a sampling of farms in the local region. One of my favorites is the Pickle Guy, not sure of the business name, but its always the second stall in on the left. Good assortment of pickled products
FarmersMarket The Sub Shop
My Grand-Kids told me of this local eatery. Of course they only had the Chicken fingers and fries with a chocolate shake. My wife and I tried it with them and found that the hambergers and salads were excellent also.
FarmersMarket The Plaza in downtown White Plains
A great place to sit and enjoy a sandwhich or coffee while watching the dancing waters. Some days during the summer there is live music for your enjoyment.
FarmersMarket Downtown White Plains at Church and Main
Descriptin of old church to go here.
FarmersMarket The end of Marmaroneck Ave at Main Street
This pano was taken by hand waiting for a lull in traffic. Please excuse the wobble.
FarmersMarket East end of the plaza.
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FarmersMarket West end of the plaza by the new Starbucks
What city in the US doesn't have at least a few Starbucks?